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01/07/2016 Update - More Features.
A few new things have been added and changed on the forum.

We have redesigned the statistics page to make it more user friendly and easy to read. It includes different columns aligned neatly showing clear forum statistics. We also include graphs and charts to show the forums development of posting.
Click here to view the stats.

We have also added a new feature which makes the forum look more slick with our drop down menu which includes all of your most needed things on the forum. This has neatened up and uncluttered our top bar making it nicer for users to look at.

Alerts has been fixed to maximise their potential. We have made them more responsive and everything else with it has been fixed.

The credit shop has been redesigned so it is easier for users to use, we have made it easier for users to understand and made it look a lot nicer.
Click here to view the shop.

We have also added a fun new feature called Harlem Shake which I'm sure you have all heard of. Try it out and see what happens!

We have added forum icons to the different sections of the forum. not every tab has forum icons under it however the main ones do. This makes the forum look nicer and give it a more professional look.

There is an easter egg for you to all try and find! Try and look for it but keep it to yourself if you manage to find it.

We have also added a neat feature for the forums top 5 posters. They have the choice to select the rainbow username feature which is only for them.
If you are a top 5 poster, you can turn the rainbow username on and off here.

If you need help with anything or want to ask a question, PM me.
Great update. I love to see things getting pushed out, and I'm glad to be on the team seeing more being added.
Good stuff TrioxX! Im adoring these updates! Keep up the good work. You and the Dev team of course!
Cant wait for later updates!

Very great update thread. I will be looking forward to more upcoming updates to this site. We are getting bigger and bigger everyday. Thanks to TrioxX for making this one of the best forums. Hope all the DF members appreciate you and what you do for this site to get better and better Smile

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awesome updates TrioxX always dope stuff coming from your and staff

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nice!!!!!!!!! good job guys

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Nice new updates right there Big Grin

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Goodjob on all the work, you and the dev team are constantly working on new things to pimp this ride. Glad to be apart of a team that's in it for the community.

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Good job on the features TrioxX.
I want to say thanks for all of the DEVS & ADMINS for day by day making this place a more welcoming place to come back to & I can't forget the MODS.

New features so far everyday and hopefully more to come Smile.

Change log over the past week is just mental.


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