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02/24/16 Updates - New Features
Hello everyone. This thread is to inform you about some new updates released.
  • Coin toss
  • Sign in history
  • Theme colour changer
These are all great features, some fun and some beneficial to the forum.

Coin Toss:

Viewed here.

This is a new game for upgraded users to toss a coin and gamble some credits. 

Sign In History:

This is a good addition for users and staff to check account log in history so we can maintain high security of accounts on the forum.

It can be found here.

Theme Color Changer:

This feature allows users to customize their theme colour. It's great if you wish to have your DF in a different colour!

It can be viewed here here.

That's the three main updates for you guys, we hope you enjoy them and keep suggesting more.

If you need help with anything or want to ask a question, PM me.
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Updates are OP and 2nd post
I like to see the updates on DF to see whats becoming of this Forums Big Grin

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The coin toss is the best addition to DF.

[Image: hoMDRFm.gif]
Coin Toss will leave me something to play and waste my credits on xd

Great additions, hope to see more in the future!

[Image: graphic.png]
lo and behold
Nice updates, TrioxX.

ik, 3fab5u!!
coin toss took all my creds Sad but its fun to play dope updates TrioxX

[Image: flamingtext_com_1454869280_827192156.gif]
These are some really sick updates. Keep up the great work.

[Image: V43QuCP.gif]
Wow, sounds great! Really great changes.
This is cool. A little old but I love the theme changer.

Rocking the blue theme right now Smile

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