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Aliens. Do you believe?
Well we have no idea how big the universe is right now, we are tiny, surely we cannot be the only life in the whole universe, however big that is...
I personally believe extraterrestrial beings exist. Maybe they don't look like how we envision them, maybe they're more gruesome, or less, maybe they're dumber, or less too. This world is too big to know if there is atleast one living creature out there, yet.

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The absence of proof is not the proof of absence. I've seen things...
i don't believe there is any 'intelligent' life out there, but i believe other life does exist. Single cell microbes, bacteria etc.
Area 51.

Would love to work there and leak the information Smile
I believe that there is other species in out of space besides humans. So in other words, yes I do believe aliens exist.

(04-16-2016, 02:50 AM)C22 Wrote: Area 51.

Would love to work there and leak the information Smile

What a dumb dumb for saying that on the internet!!! Keep it silent for stuff like that next time ffs.
I do not believe in aliens but i am a pussy when it comes to ghosts haha.

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I don't believe in aliens at all. I don't know why I don't believe it. It is just weird if you do.

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Given the incredible size of the universe ,there may be intelligent species out there.I think for now we should say we don't know.Some people say that they 100% sure that intelligent life exist and others says they are sure they don't exist.I think both are equally retarded.But concerning conspiracy that alien visited earth that total bullshit.Take area 51 for example.If they have captured aliens or spaceships there ,don't you think some other aliens would come looking for their missing ship?
Aliens dont exist. This is just imagination

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