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Aliens. Do you believe?
I'll probably turn gay if they do.
How can you not believe science mate
I'm not sure but this video keeps me wondering, I hope theirs more proof by the time I'm dead though!

(05-24-2016, 11:40 PM)Xopil Wrote: I believe that there is other species in out of space besides humans. So in other words, yes I do believe aliens exist.

(04-16-2016, 02:50 AM)C22 Wrote: Area 51.

Would love to work there and leak the information Smile

What a dumb dumb for saying that on the internet!!! Keep it silent for stuff like that next time ffs.

lmaoooo. they cant do anything.
yes I strongly believe there is another lifeform out there.
yes! Aliens live!! 
I see aliens in Italy..... really!
There are definitely other lifeforms out there but we most likely will never get the chance to meet them... and if we do, they are far ahead of us and the only reason they might come is to settle on a new planet so it might be for good.
Aliens definitely exist, and not in the bacterial form that many people think. I doubt bacteria are the pilots of those weird shaped UFO's. It has to be a full organism with arms, legs, eyes, basic anatomy.

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Yes I do, the gouvernement are hiding so much thing from us and just for that we can believe in Aliens
there are so many facts that extraterrestial life exists that i can't just explain with plain words, i would need an hour to write here, all you need to know you can find it by watching Ancient Aliens
and yea i strongly believe that aliens exist and we humans are using their technology.
i even believe that humans are a hybrids created by aliens, that's the only explanation of the evolution from so called monkey to homo sapiens,
this also could be confirmed in the future cause yet only 2% of human dna has been explored, imagine what we could learn about ourselves and our origin when we find out what the rest 98% of dna contains.!

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