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All programs distributed must be accompanied with a VirusTotal scan.
We're talking common sense; malware, trollware, ransomware, and anything else that goes down the list is prohibited. dbleaker.com has a lot to offer, but there will always be an asshole on the other side trying to infect your computer. This is why, for your own safety, all threads containing a download link must be accompanied with a VirusTotal scan. Any user who fails to provide a VirusTotal scan will have their thread locked until they do so. If the file is too big, please contact a staff member and we'll see what we can do about it.

Should there be any complaints about the download provided in your thread, you may be required to upload your file to Hybrid Analysis, a website that extensively analyzes the file. It's a step-up from VirusTotal, but takes longer. Thank you for your cooperation.

In the event of a harmful file (which is decided at staff's own discretion), the ordeal will be taken seriously and met with a ban depending on the severity. You've been warned.

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