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Birthday!! :D
Happy Birthday Electronic Smile

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Already wished you a happy birthday on Skype but I need to get my post count up with LQ posts. Happy birthday!
Happy birthday! Now go buy a cigar, a lottery ticket, and some porn to celebrate.

~ Vini Vici ~
Happy birthday bro! Heart
Hope you have a wonderful day, ENJOY IT Tongue

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(01-24-2016, 07:31 PM)Anonymous Wrote: You're legally able to buy cigarettes too.

Cigarettes are the least on my mind. I've got other stress relievers! But thanks anyway ;3

Thanks to all of you that have said birthday means a lot to me Smile

"It takes one man to change the world, but it takes the whole world to change a man"
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Don't worry, I'm right behind ya'! Happy Birthday.

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Congratz mate!
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Happy birthday, hope you have a great day.

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lo and behold
Happy (late) birthday.

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Why thank you! I appreciate it Smile

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