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Comprehensive Guide to DF
Users Comprehensive Guide
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Greetings, we'd like to thank you for joining the community and as such; we give you our warm welcome. Here at DF, we specialize in Resources, Programming, and General Discussion. As a member of the dbleaker Family, we grant you access to a vast amount of knowledge shared by our community giving you a new insight on everything that we have to offer.

In this comprehensive Guide, I want to cover a lot of ground to the new users, and less active users that may give you a heads up on why you should support us, what benefits we give, and how to conduct yourself as a member of this site.

One of the first things that I'd like to start off with is that questions are to be asked. If you don't understand something, be sure to drop a reply or PM myself and/or a member of the DF Staff Team.

That wraps up the beginning sector of this guide, now let's delve into more detailed aspects of the forum.

Forum History

TrioxX is the owner of dbleaker, and just like every other forum owner; it wasn't his first time being a part of a community. The intention was just as it is, a forum to obtain resources, programming knowledge, and have open discussions and debates. With the help of @Rizla and @HaXzz dbleaker became what it is today.  

dbleaker was founded in late 2015 and is alive today as you read this guide. With it's constant growing member base and support into the developing scene; dbleaker has continued to grow in activity and within the rankings.

Rules and Help Documents

As with every other forum, there are rules to follow when browsing and posting on the forums. These rules aren't too strict, but meant to separate the people who use the forums to leech, from the members who are contributing to the forums.
Help Documents branch off into three sectors, as listed below.

Helpful Stuff to Know User Maintenance  Posting The Help Document page can be found here.

Furthermore, by registering to the forums; you agree to follow these rules as stated in the Help Documents. Staff of DF have the right to change these documents at any given time.

High Quality Posting

Activity is great, and we'd love for everyone to post and share things to the community; but there's a fine line between being active and being a low quality member.

Here on dbleaker the posting of short or one-word posts will ultimately result in a suspension or permanent restriction from using the forums. Saying "thank you" to multiple leaks to boost your post count or to leech our content will share the same fate, we don't tolerate this and as such; you should be more thoughtful of what you post, before you post it.

Introduction Section

For starters, we strongly recommend that as a new member to the community; you introduce yourself to us. This gives everyone a chance to see who you are and what you could possibly bring to the forums.

The Introductions section can be found here.

Please, do not give out your personal information that you wouldn't want going around the internet. Information such as your name, age, hobbies, and what you will be bringing to the forums are the best to include in your introduction thread.

We also advice all of the current registered members whether you're slightly new or a veteran of the forums to kindly welcome these new members whenever they create a thread.

Your Account

This is a matter that should be your first concern on the internet. Make sure you have a strong password that you share with nobody else. This will prevent the breaching of your account in the future. Most times your account is never hacked, it's the lack of you protecting your account. When I say strong password; it doesn't have to be 20 characters long with percentages and different characters. Just something that is not along the lines of 'password123' or your username.

In the event that your password is lost and you can't remember it, simply reset it.

Under the circumstance where you can't reset it if you don't have access to your email, contact an administrator to see what can be done about the retrieval of your account.


With your account comes a lot of customization. Here is some of what you can have as a standard member on the site.

Avatars - In the postbit of each post, you will see a few things, including the avatar. Your avatar is a picture that represents your profile and can be changed at any given time. You can change your avatar here.

Signatures - Signatures show up at the bottom of your post. Signatures can contain whatever you want as long as it follows the sites guidelines. The range is endless, from a quote, to a graphic designed signature. Signatures require 10 Posts before you can activate or customize one. You can edit your signature here.

Basic Profile - Your profile is compiled of a lot of information, you can edit these at your will in the Edit Profile section of your Control Panel. You can find Edit Profile here.

Everything listed above for customization can be found in your Control Panel along with tons of other features, check out your Control Panel here.

Custom User Titles and Username Colors - As you may have already observed, you cannot customize your user title unless you are an upgraded member to the community. The same goes for a username color. In order to customize your user title, you have to be at least Gold.


Upgrading is a great way to show your support to the community and it comes with a lot of perks. Currently there are 7 branches of membership. ( 3 of which being user upgrades )
  • Registered
  • Gold
  • Diamond
  • Emerald 
  • Moderators (Not obtainable aside from promotion from the Administration Panel)
  • Developers (Not obtainable aside from promotion from the Administration Panel)
  • Administrators (Not obtainable aside from promotion from the Administration Panel)
You can find information on site upgrades here.

Staff Ranks

The Staff Team is the group of people who lay down time in their day to moderate the forums content and make sure that everything is done correctly on the forums. They are chosen wisely and there aren't many. If you're interested in being a conductive member of the community and contributing in large ways, staff may be something worth considering in the future of your dbleaker 'career'

There is no specific way to become staff, please don't ask how you become staff because there simply isn't an actual answer. The only way to become staff is if you're constructive in the community, active, and the Administration Panel sees that you're fit to helping out within the moderation aspects of the team. Currently the team is compiled of 5 members - 2 of which are moderators, 1 Developer, and 2 are administrators.

Asking for staff will ultimately end with you being denied and it might be taken further.

You can find the staff list here.

Administrators are the go to people on the forums for account issues, name changes, and everything that the lower branches cannot do. They are also the most busy so bare that in mind when contacting them, keep it detailed so they can help you.

Developers are simply what their title infers, they are the people who develop plugins and content for the forums. Anything you see on the forums that can be improved or new ideas you have, can be made a reality by these gifted programmers.

Moderators are the people that moderate the forums. They have the ability to edit,delete, and move posts. They also have the power to ban users when they're not following the rules. This position is hard to earn, and just as hard to maintain. So if you make it here, don't take it for granted. 

Reputation is simply a number that adds up based on how many times a user rates you. Each time someone reps you, it's calculated to your count. And if you reach above 100 there's a little treat that you can earn. ( Subject to change )

Asking/Selling/Buying/Trading of reputation points are not allowed, doing so will result in a consequence.


Credits appear on your profile and on your postbit, and can be used to unlock hidden content and/or purchase awards when available.

You earn credits by posting. You cannot purchase credits with actual money so the only way to gain them is by being active on the site. A post gives you two credits, a thread gives you three, and a referral gives you twenty. 

More information on the credits system can be found here.


Awards are icons in your postbit and on your profile that you gain by doing certain actions. They range from post count, to donations, to purchasing with credits, even over to how much you know about gaming.

Awards are not meant to show who's better than the other, but it's definitely cool to have more awards and pimp out your postbit.

The full list of awards and how they can be obtained can be found here.

And you can request your awards here.


Groups are paid smaller 'memberships' that include a sub-forum for users of that group to discuss and share private content in. Anyone can apply to groups that have open recruitment, if you meet the requirements of course. These groups come with a nice userbar to go on your postbit to represent that you're a member of this group.

If you're interested in joining a group, check out the Group Discussion and Information section here.


That pretty much ends this long read, I hope it was of use to you newer members and can serve as a placement holder for the community as a guide for what should be done as a member of dbleaker. To wrap things up, I want to thank you for taking time out of your day/night in order to read this. I'm looking forward to seeing each and every one of you on the forums, enjoy yourself.
~ Axe
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Axe - Creating the guide
Design - Reading the thread aloud like Morgan Freeman
© 2016. All rights reserved.

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This has fucked every other guide. Here comes the sticky badge. Nice work, this is amazing.

(03-03-2016, 11:06 PM)deverx Wrote: This has fucked every other guide. Here comes the sticky badge. Nice work, this is amazing.

Thank you, been working on this one since yesterday.

Nice detailed thread my friend keep up the good work

[Image: RQyFiiZ.png]
Thank you for taking your time to make this detailed guide! This is what you call a contribution.
Nice guide, detailed and will serve much use to new users. As a suggestion, I recommend adding what perks the upgrades could give you, and how by purchasing one, you'll benefit DF itself.

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lo and behold
(03-03-2016, 11:24 PM)Malcolm Wrote: Nice guide, detailed and will serve much use to new users. As a suggestion, I recommend adding what perks the upgrades could give you, and how by purchasing one, you'll benefit DF itself.

I'll add a paragraph in the upgrades sector explaining that. Thank you for the suggestion.

Nice guide, it's very detailed.

ik, 3fab5u!!
Very good guide indeed with lots of helpful information. Of course contact me if any of you need any support.
Hello, I am glad to have read this thread that you so solemnly wrote. Very nicely done and could serve well for many of the new-comers to the prospering forum that is dbleaker.com. I have just about read through the whole post and only slept twice very well done in my opinion(not that my opinion is significant to that of other members [ just kidding I am the best]). I like the amount of sheer time and effort you put into this very informational and detailed piece of work. From this I can clearly see that you are a shut in and have no social life outside of the internet.  dbleaker.com surely has other similar guides but by far yours is superior in every category. This again is my own opinion aimed toward the staff however I do believe that this thread is worthy of being stickied through out the forum so fresh, young registered members are aware of its existence. Also the fact that you have the copyright at the very end seems that you are very acknowledged writer and legal practitioner. Did I also mention that this should be stickied? Well it should because again it is very well written. After reading over it I saw very minimal problems and simple slips but did not effect the over all quality of the post. Axe , I am truly touched by this thread. It really struck a chord with me. I feel that I will cry by the end of this sentence... Furthermore I would like to thank you for including me in the credits. Although I believe I did not contribute as much to this thread I am glad to have read all of it and include my input on some of the topics. Honestly with this community I am sure many people have read this post in full; front and back as well as backwards and forwards(if you want to get really complex read it backwards upside down and inside out and outside in while getting flogged on the soles of your feet with bondage). Anyways I know I kinda blabbered on about this but again thank you for writing this and I truly believe someone will find this helpful in the near future with the boom of memberships on the forum.

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