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Computer 'Pranks' (UNTESTED)
I have had these for a while now but never bothered to use them so may as well share them here. 
They are files that you can open on a computer to make it do certain things. 

One example is you can edit the text file to put in any link such as music on YouTube or other things. Then when the other file is opened, it locks their mouse in the top corner and plays the link you set at full volume, and I believe task manager is disabled Tongue

Others are things like the disk tray opens and closes at random times or your printer starts to print out paper filled with black ink.

As I said, I have never personally testing it out, so i'm not sure if they work but if anyone else wants to try, would be cool to hear your results Tongue

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Interesting, I will have to try these, thank you!

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rolf, i will check this! thanks

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