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(Developer Icon) Sorry Tangy
So you see XeTangy made me a new developer icon... it was tooooooooooo dark  Undecided

[Image: FuYxHYU.png]

Here is my edits Smile

[Image: developer2.png]

Also this post was just to show off my cool new icon cause the last one was lame.....

[Image: dev.png]

Comment below what you think!
Looks sexualYus

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Your edit makes it stand out more and look for bae like for a bae like you <3 & TrioxX stop flirting with others you player... Sad

[Image: a8c1d492c00d84139e912c4ea57b6f85.png]
If only there could be more devs Sad
That icon is dope asf mate Heart

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Thanks guys <3
Ironically, I prefer XeTangy's image. Wink

[Image: V43QuCP.gif]
(01-08-2016, 06:33 PM)Alex Wrote: Ironically, I prefer XeTangy's image. Wink

I liked it too but it was too dark on the forum
Looks Dope bro.

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[Image: R9excxF.png]

Looks awesome! Good job Tangy!

[Image: tumblr_nvmjwnPVwV1u9ev47o1_500.gif]
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