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Driving while intoxicated
Hello, have you ever drove whilst under the influence of anything? LSD, Marijuana, Alcohol, Cocaine? How did it go for you?

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fuck this shit, even if i don't care about my health why should i put on risk the life of innocents?!

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Nope. I never have done this. And never will. I don't want to risk anybody else. And I don't want to lose my driving privilages

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Never have, never will. I'd rather just never drive than endanger myself and especially other drivers/passengers.

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If you have done it or do it, you're a fucking moron.

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I've operated a bicycle under the effects of Marijuana.
The only thing I noticed was that it made my ride more enjoyable and hills winded me out a bit easier

I didn't really lose any cognitive function, I was aware and headed all safety and traffic laws.

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Why the heck would you want to risk other people's lives? What would it be like for their families, or perhaps their children? You could kill someone, someone will be out a mother/father/son/daughter/friend. And you think you could live with that? My daughter and I were nearly hit by a car at the zebra crossing. We were so lucky that we stopped in the middle of the road or we would of been possibly killed. Do not do it. It's horrible.

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(10-17-2016, 01:48 PM)LucasYegorov Wrote: Hello, have you ever drove whilst under the influence of anything? LSD, Marijuana, Alcohol, Cocaine? How did it go for you?

Ashamed to say i have done this multple times when i was a kid (18)

Didn't think twice, i wanted fun and driving was easier than walking.. i was always safe, i was over the limit but i could walk fine talk think etc...

Glad i didn't harm anyone..

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I frequently drive while under the influence of Marijuana, other people say I drive fine, I think so as well.

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