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Free Gift Card With Purchase :)
Well all you will need to do is buy a gift card from a store that WILL ACCEPT REFUNDS on gift cards, some stores dont so choose wisely. Use the gift card on Xbox live/Steam credit, etc. and go back to the store saying that you tried to use the card but it didn't work. Most likely they will give you a new one. I did this with a steam card. Be sure to keep a legit receipt of what card u bought from the store. Physical cards are the best.

Post questions below ;*

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Yeah I just contact the company directly for a new one. This method will work.
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thanks for the share man

I am in no way responsible for what you do with this post. You are responsible for using this.

nice share. people might use this

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nice share maybe i will use this
Thanks for this man Smile)
thanks for the share man
Never heard of this method before, thanks man!

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This doesn't work it didn't for me?
I hope this still works xD i'm about to try it out and if it works i'll let you guys know!

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