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Free Xbox one or 360 Black controller[Working*3/26/2016
You will need a xbox one serial # and register the device, I will not be providing those for free.

Click here for my Replacement proof #1

Click here for my replacement order picture#2 


Step 1 - Contact xbox support via their support website. Links are below.


Step 2 - Tell them that you bought a midnight forces controller[it's a limited edition which they may not have in stock anymore] from best buy a little over a month ago and today you had family over and tried to use it and the controller just keeps scrolling to the right when you connect it to the xbox and try and use it. Tell them it has never been dropped and was kept in the box until yesterday when you tried to use it. Tell them you contacted best buy and because the purchase was made over 30 days ago you are not able to return it and they told you to contact microsoft.

Step 3 - They are going to ask for a serial number and a model number, I listed the algorithm below.

S/N: 029900067944XX (Change the X's to random digits)

Model Number: 1537

Lot NO/Date: 1452 (they sometimes ask for this) 

Step 4: Afer you give them the serial info they will check everything out and offer to send a replacement.
SOMETIMES the rep will ask for the broken one back first, if they do, close the chat and try a new rep. Some reps are just assholes. SOMETIMES THEY WILL ASK YOU FOR YOUR CONSOLE SERIAL ETC. If they do, use a random serial, or say your console is at your dads and your at your moms right now.

Step 5: Give them your shipping info and get the controller!

If anybody Needs help add me on Skype its works im successful every time, sometime you think your doing it wrong but its actually right Skype: SecretService.se 
i will not be doing it for you!!

This is similar to the method i provided a while ago but due to leechers raping it i took it down. you will get a black controller as the other's are not in stock at the moment. really whats changed is a few numbers and words still working.[/Hide]
Would you please stop copying and pasting tutorials and posting them on here.

That's not what were about.
(03-30-2016, 09:19 PM)C22 Wrote: Would you please stop copying and pasting tutorials and posting them on here.

That's not what were about.

No i wont because these are all my threads/methods, please leave me alone if you have nothing serious to say
thanks for the tut, i'll try it
I tried this multiple times but I got asked to ship it back every time, maybe i'm just out of luck

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