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Ghosts - Do you believe?
Do you believe in the paranormal world? Do you believe all of the stories that are told that there is forever spirits around us, watching us, good and bad spirits?

I mean in my opinion I won't believe until I see it personally. I've heard some pretty creepy stories, especially ones from where I live.

Apparently the island I live on hosts one of the most haunted buildings in Scotland

What's your opinions on these ghouls?
Honestly , Ive Actually Had Paranormal Experiences Myself . Im Starting To Think Bout Making A New Post Or Thread . Telling Stories About My Paranormal Experiences , and Every 2 Days i Will Update The Post and Tell My Next Story . Every 2 Days There Will Be A New Story , im Also Thinking People Can PM Their Experiences , and I Will Put Them In My Next Update With The Name Of The Person That Shared The Story . What Do You Think ?
To Answer Your Question To Your Post , Yes I 100% Believe in The Paranormal World. I Believe in Some Stories if They Are Actually True. Spirits , They Are Always Watching Us. The Good and The Bad , They Are Both Watching Us .
Yeah i believe in ghosts since i've experienced it myself.
(12-20-2015, 04:45 PM)Kisy Wrote: Yeah i believe in ghosts since i've experienced it myself.

Do you mind sharing your experience?
I believe in ghosts aswell.

All the movies and documentaries about ghosts are good.

If you need help with anything or want to ask a question, PM me.
Seeing is believing, and I am sure you can see me....

[Image: ZneK6qZ.png]
Too much of an idealistic outlook unfortunately, I don't think ghosts, supernatural (either) exist.
not really much of a believer
I used to not believe it when i was young. But now i don't eliminate the possibility of it.

My thinking keeps changing when i am getting older Smile

For those of you who have experienced it, would be great if you could share it Smile

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Honesty I don't know what I should believe and what I shouldn't. I mean I guess. Just never came in contact with one before Wink

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