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Alright, so today me and this girl randomly broke up our friendship, I give her high fives at school everyday, but today she did not seem happy. So when I get home I ask if we are still friends and she says nope, and I ask why, and I get no response so I was like fuck it. I pretty much loved being her friend, but I guess friendship break apart happens in life, I just have to live with it. Soon, she'll realize she should've never left me, today all over, was so perplexed, and so frustrating, and then I come home and more bad things happen.

[Image: ed3bTUn.gif&container=focus]
Just like friends, girls come and go. If she really cares about you she'll start talking to you again. I wouldn't get hung up on just this one individual though.

~ Vini Vici ~

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