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Guns or no guns?
With the next election i think people will focus on gun laws and making more regulations.
defense weapon is a fundamental for people
I hate it. I love guns. I own 10+ guns

Been shooting since I was 7.

I would be heart broken if guns were banned
guns shouldn't be allowed!!!!
Fu*k guns although I was very good with a sniper. Meh I still like hand to hand so much fun that way.

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if you take guns awy your fucked if someone breaks in lol
depends on how someone uses the guns.

No guns, do you really need them?
(07-01-2016, 02:12 PM)wally Wrote: No guns, do you really need them?

Okay say someone has broken into your house, you call the police but they say they wont be their till 10 minuets. You're now alone with someone in your home for 10 min not knowing if they are armed or there to hurt you, wouldn't you like to have a gun to defend yourself and your family..? And if they do take away guns, do you know how many ghost guns their are out there? That would be like Trump trying to deport every single illegal... If they take guns away they will only be affecting good people that use them to defend themselves because how many criminals use a registered gun...? Criminals will be left with the guns while all our registered guns get taken away.. Terrible idea imo.

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