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Have you lost faith in humanity?
In has come to my attention that I have do know what my opinion on humanity really is. I am not entirely sure whether I have lost faith in humanity yet or not. If you think about it, we have been on Earth for around 200,000 years and look how far we have come. From cavemen hunting down antelopes with spears to feed our family's and now we're working and buying food from supermarkets to feed our family. I think it's really rather impressing have we have evolved. No other specie has managed to build Sky Scrapers, Stadiums which can hold tens of thousands of people and buildings that can withstand mother natures worst.

There are no species that are anywhere near the level that man kind is at on evolution. Everything we have accomplished in extraordinary. Although we have had our fair share of bellends, the human race has gone further than any other specie and we should be proud of it. Look at how long we have been on planet earth for... 200,000 years, that is nothing, planet earth has existed for 4.543 billion years. We have come so far in a such a small time span. 

If someone asked me if I have lost faith in humanity, the answer is no. I will keep my faith until we all have leaders that wish for war and destruction. But until then, humanity, God, whoever I am talking to, I still have faith in you and humanity.
I think most of us has lost faith in humanity. But I still have my hopes of the future getting better.
It is a race against time really.

The resources are fast depleting, which as you know is leading to more and more wars - either openly or proxy (read ISIS).

How quickly does the present and future generations' dependence on existing resources reduces as we adapt to newer, longer lasting technologies will decide the survival of humanity.
I wouldn't say I've lost faith, but if another World War occurs; it's pretty much a wrap for any existence at all.

i lost faith in humanity, ww3 is probably closer than we think
I haven't lost all faith, but in our current state, it's going to be pretty much gone soon.
I for one haven't lost faith, everything could be recovered; but I do hate everything about how society currently works.
I wouldn't say entirely because although there is plenty of fucked up shit our race is doing there's also a balance somewhat between that and the good. I've seen plenty of good spirits in my short young life so far and I can without a doubt say humanity is still here. People look at the bad shit in life and immediately lose that faith but really all it takes is one important impactful moment to notice that humanity surely isn't gone.
I have seen people do some truly awful things. I have seen grown men,women, and children throw, kick, beat and rape animals/humans. I have seen adults choose to lie, cheat and steal to get what they want. I watch the news and see these stories about corrupt politicians stealing from the poor and wasting resources. I've heard of them putting people on kill lists and so forth all for their own benefit. On the other hand, I have seen the converse. I have seen/experienced unwavering selflessness and kindness towards a diversity of beings. I see inTrioxXtion and creativity, love and kindness. If you pay attention to everything around you, you will notice that chaos and entropy run our universe. Change is inevitable here on this tiny, backwater planet and in the entirety of the universe. People bounce between terrible and awesome at time frames as small as hours. Ultimately, our moral standings as a civilization are in a constant, perpetual state of change.

Here is where I dive deep boys and girls.

You can think of our planet as a thermodynamic system as we are all energy and we are all working one way or another whether that be direct, conscious interaction with any number of things or our atoms interacting with other atoms. The second law of thermodynamics states that an isolated system's entropy never decreases. That means we will always be jumping up and down between good and bad. That is why we must, as a people, choose to love one and other despite our actions past and present. We are all changing our selves whether that's psychologically or physically. We always have the potential to do "Good" that is why religions tell us that God loves us despite our sins. (I'm not religious but this is a great example so I can't just pass it up, that would be reckless and rood) We must continue to strive for excellence and pursue happiness and not let anyone stand in our way. Do not shun others for their actions because they're on their own path too.


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