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Have you read mangas? If yes, how many?
Title says it all. I've read 15 mangas. What about you?

ik, 3fab5u!!
Only manga I've read was Death Note. Other than that, I cannot recall any other significant manga I have read.

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lo and behold
I don't know what mangas are.

Holy shit it is good to be back.
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(02-09-2016, 01:15 AM)Graphics Wrote: I don't know what mangas are.

Japanese Books, I think, it's like Anime, but bookified! (lol new word ok)

I have read Fakku! books, does that consider a manga?

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the only manga i ever really read was this hentai manga i forgot the name xD

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Naruto is the only one.

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I'm not much of a manga fan, but if I see a good anime, sometimes I follow up with reading the manga.

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I have read tons, but my very favourite one is March Story. Really big recommendation, so totally worth it.


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