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Hell Girl - You should watch it
Hey DF and weebs, 

today I want to show you an awesome anime, called Jigoku Shoujo. I made this post on another forum I was on, so I just copied this post. Jigoku Shoujo would be translated with Hell Girl to English. Jigoku Shoujo came out as an anime, a TV-Series with real people, a Manga and a videogame. 

Deperate people can call the Jigoku Shoujo (Hell Girl) through the Jigoku Tsuushin (Hotline-To-Hell), they can acess a website at midnight, write down the victims name and possibly can take revenge for everything the victim has done to the person, however, only if the person truly hates the victim, the Hell Girl will accept the call. Once she does it, the person will meet the Hell Girl. The Hell Girl has 3 friends:

-Ai Enma

Ai Enma, or Enma Ai, is the protagonist in this show. She's the Jigoku Shoujo (Hell Girl). She got a really, really sad past and that is shown really good in the anime. However, I can't write much about her since it'd be a massive spoiler. If she gets a contract, she'll mostly send the person to hell.

-Ichimoku Ren

He's one of the Hell Girl's helpers. One of his eye is always behind his hair, with this eye, he can see the environment and can read the mind of a person. With this, he gather informations to the Hell Girl. If he transform into a straw doll, he gets blue. He was a Katana before the Hell Girl found him.

-Hone Onna

Hone Onna is also one of the Hell Girl's helpers. She can transform into anything to get access to anything. She was forced to be a prostitute. If she transform into a straw doll, she's red.


Wanyūdō, one of my favourite characters in this awesome anime. However, while he was still a human on earth he was a good motorman. But one day, he, the princess that he served for and the carriage fall down a cliff. Everyone died, but he got back to earth as a demon in form of a krass. He had to move everyday, everytime. He couldn't stop. The Hell Girl found him and asked him to serve for her, he said yes and now he brings the Hell Girl to her contracts.

if the Hell Girl thinks the contract makes sense, she'll give the person a straw doll, as you may now think, the straw doll is one of her helpers. If the person pulls the string of the straw doll, the straw doll dissolves in air. The Hell Girl and her helpers will send the victim to hell, before that, they'll confront the victim with his bad actions. The victim has a chance to say some last words, however, the Hell Girl will come with a Kimono and look into the victims eyes, asking him "Do you want to try death once?". After that, she and the victim will sit on a boat, driving into hell. 

Overall, it's just an awesome anime, with alot of plot. It also contains really interesting myths and legends about the Japanese history and mythology. The genres are Horror, Mythology, Psychological and Drama. This anime will totally make you think about the world and about humans. If you're one of this naruto or dragonball faggots, please do not watch this anime as you won't enjoy it. Also, the story will begin at episode 7 or 8. Before that, you'll mostly only see the Hell Girl dailys work, some people say it's interesting too (like me) and some people say the first ep's are boring as fuck. However, I wouldn't recommend you to skip these, even if you think they're boring.

I hope this is a good thread and I'll get some people to watch the anime. Have a nice day.

Nice man, I'll check it out. Heart

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Ok maybe i will thanks for the suggestions

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