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How to rip any mybb themes
This is not my. I just found it. And i thought I publicate it here!

As a web dev i have learnt a few things, And whats knowledge if you don't share it!!!
By the end of this tutorial you'll learn how to rip any mybb forum theme in not more than 5 minutes. Do not use this on HF!

  1. Choose a Mybb Forum Theme
  2. Right Click and select "View Page Source"
  3. Press CTRL+F and search for ".css"
  4. You wil be shown a global.css file link.
  5. Select and Open it,
  6. Copy the entire code into a notepad.
  7. In some lines you will see something like

    Quote: Wrote:(..../images/theme/header.png)

  8. Just replace those dots with the website URL for which u are ripping.
  9. Do this for all the lines that contains dots.
  10. Done!

    You have finished the ripping. Theme is ready.
  11. Now Go to your MyBB Forum and navigate to:

  12. AdminCP>Templates and styles>Themes>Create new theme>Name it> Global.CSS> Advanced Mode>

  13. Copy and Paste the code here and save it. Done!

    I know the layout isn't the most appealing but it will have to do for now
  14. credits goes to: Internet Security, link: https://hackforums.net/member.php?action...id=2519399
Thanks for the share, oboy. Very nice of you to include credit as well. Time to go take a look at Sinsterly's theme. (;

[Image: V43QuCP.gif]
I'm sure this will help a lot of people, thanks for this bro.
Fantastic share! I appreciate the contribution, this will help a lot! ^^

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