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How to setup CloudFlare! FREE
Thank you for stopping by to see this easy and simple tutorial to quickly and 100% freely protect your website!
(please note that the paid plans do better but in this case it works fine)

The process:

first create an account or login to your CloudFlare.com account to begin.
click the add site link, and enter your domain name.
CloudFlare will scan its records, and breifly explain their service in a video as it scans.
Once finished scanning you will get 2 nameservers provided by CloudFlare.
Update your pre-existing nameservers with the ones CloudFlare gave you.
Some rare occasions they will update auto-matically or may take 5 minutes to a few hours.
Once updated, test your sites web address and viewing its web page.
Now head back over to your CloudFlare.com's control panel and click the "Firewall" button.
Now on the page you will want to the click the drop down box on the "security level" section
Then hit the "I'm under attack" mode option.
Now each visit you should be greeted with a "Just a moment..." message checking your 
browser(same for anyone viewing your website)


Services I used in this Tutorial are:

[Image: logo-cloudflare.svg]
(cloudflare.com used to protect the website in this tutorials)
[Image: logo.png]
(freenom.com used for free domain name registrar)

[Image: logo.png]
(hostinger.co.uk used for free web hosting for the free domain registered on freenom.com)

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