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Is school really necessary?
(02-20-2016, 03:27 AM)nil Wrote:
(02-20-2016, 02:46 AM)Silentgaming Wrote: school is for your future life become rich or poor
If we dont go to school we would be here in dbleaker.com

Some people who never finished school actually became successful in life.
My question is if what school do is really necessary.

The school system varies from Country to country. Even at a local level it can differ. Depending on ones belief and culture there could be different views. Some teacher will even tell you that the early high school years are pretty redundant. But if you plan to specialize, education will help you get on that path easier.

To a certain degree, it develops you as a person.
i dont think you need school nowadays - i was straight into marketing out of highschool - the experience of a decade helps more than 5years of uni and then jumping in
You don't have to go to school to be smart, but if you don't go to school, no ones gonna take your seriously.
My wife and I home school our children. Best decision we ever made.
Of it is necessary lol
It is. Mentioning Bill Gates or prodigies that happened to not attend school is cherry-picking. I don't mean to redpill, but not just beacuse a few guys without a degree made amazing contributions you're guaranteed to succeed just like they did. Think about it.
To a certain extent yes, but there is a point where it is no longer "necessary," in my opinion. For instance math in particular, all should be taught the basic principles of math as those are pretty essential, but things like Calculus and Trig aren't necessarily needed (though I understand the argument of them being used to develop better problem solving skills, which I agree with).
I believe that school is necessary for building relationships with friends and for having a very good general knowledge. I do however believe that the grades you get after school are not necessary.
School isn't as necessary as most people make it to be.. If your career path isn't affected by what you learn anymore then there's really no need for you to go to school past that stage.

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