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Most annoying anime characters.
Shirley from Code Geass for me too. I just cant stand her.
Guren Ichinose(Owari no Seraph) he betrayed his "family"...
For me, Misty in Pokemon always annoyed me, stopping Brock from flirting with the girls. It's like she was a blatant comedy killer. Also Meowth had a really annoying voice for Team Rocket.

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This boy from Mirai Nikki, like the protagonist. I can't recall his name. But man, he made me mad at times.

I was sitting there sometimes and was just about to shout "JUST FUCKING LOVE HER BACK YOU STUPID FUCK". If he wouldn't have this whole forest in his ass, the anime would have been much better if you ask me.
Is it normal I find most anime annoying?

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Probably Akame ga Kill for me since every damn time I got attached to a character they killed him/her off.

Sakura Haruno she just whines and complains all the time

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