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Do you want to get famous and rich without putting actual effort? Check out musical.ly, an app where you can lipsync to a copyrighted song for 10 seconds (or however as long as it is.)

You want followers? Make sure you're somewhat attractive, also shake your phone like you have parkinsons. Anyone can do it, but don't worry. You'll end up on a "cringe" compilation. 

It seems like as a society, our attention span and lack of effort has decreased. You remember when if you wanted to be famous, you actually had to work for it? Well, don't worry kiddos. You can film yourself lip syncing to a song that you didn't even make and make millions!

*cough* Baby Ariel and Jacob Sartorius

"Silence is the most powerful scream."
- Anonymous
What're you talking about? It takes a lot of effort ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).
Most people aren't up to the task of showing themselves though. Plus it's not a cast-iron guarantee that that they would get onto a compilation even if they did do this. Who knows though, you might just drop lucky.

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