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My Tabs
You will need to deactivate the old install (if you have one from 1.6), and then activate this plugin. You will lose all of your current tabs in the update process.

Features list:
  • Javascript support (switch tabs automatically if you have javascript enabled), works without javascript, too (links are "?tab={$id}")
  • Customize tab templates (this is built-in using mybb's code editor, and editable via the tab settings. see attached images)
  • Users can select default tab via 'User CP'
  • Hide tab(s)
  • Order tabs (lower number = farther left)
  • Set a global default tab
  • Editing/Deleting tabs
  • Enable/Disabling (this is in the plugin, don't use mybb's activate/deactivate unless you want to risk losing your set tabs)
To-do List:
  • Fix bug with forums collapsing / redo the current process that restricts/displays tabs.
  • Recreate AJAX request system to be quicker.
  • Create option to restrict tabs to certain member groups.
  • Create "apply to all tabs" option for global tab template setup.

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Thanks for the leak Smile
Would love to use these thanks bud.

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