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[MyBB 1.8] CSS Userbars
[MyBB 1.8] CSS Userbars

The plugin works by using the usergroups groupimage, meaning that it replaces what would usually be the image, I am aware there is other ways to do this but I was mainly focusing on getting it working since I'm only just getting the feel for this development environment. Although by recycling the groupimage field (both in the template, and in the database) it has created some disadvantageous circumstances, in that once the plugin is installed all usergroup groupimages are replaced with the default ones included within the plugin, on uninstallation of the plugin all usergroup groupimages are reset to null to avoid showing broken code from the reversal back to images.
[Image: ?url=http%3A%2F%2Fimage.prntscr.com%2Fim...ce3471.png]

Installation of this plugin is the exact same as any other, just upload the contents of the upload folder to your forum root.



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I've always wondered if there was a plugin for something like this, just couldn't be bothered looking for one.

Thanks anyways dude.
Would love this thanks man.
thank you so much again
Thank you for sharing this CSS, I have used it and it looks great. Heart

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Thanks for the share, will need it instead of me replacing the star image!

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