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[MyBB 1.8] Color-Coded, Optional Info, Hover Mini-Profile
[MyBB 1.8] Color-Coded, Optional Info, Hover Mini-Profile
[Image: LlXA2cl.png]
Left is how the profile looks at rest, and on the right is what it looks like when you hover over it.
[Image: 71TVolC.png]
This picture shows the "optional info" bit- notice how the illnesses, Terminal? and Contagious? are missing in this picture? See the different colors?

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[Image: 6BoPN64.png]
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  • Devil
This is a very well organized post and great share with the community Big Grin

Unlock it if you guys wish its.. simply.. OUTSTANDING!!

Great work Dolphins
I still do not understand how it works.
I really want this implemented now! YusHeart TrioxX

[Image: H4JQn0Z.gif]
That actually looks great, thanks for sharing this! Heart

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