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[MyBB 1.8] MyDownloads 2.8.1
[MyBB 1.8] MyDownloads 2.8.1

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Quote:MyDownloads is the best and most powerful downloads manager for MyBB. Many features of this plugin have been financed by Tatsuto.

Lots of Settings to customize plenty of features
Manage categories and downloads
Many sub-category levels
Permissions to view, download and submit items
Logs (ratings, downloads and comments)
Submissions - downloads that have been submitted by users and are awaiting approval
PayPal Logs - payment logs
Reported Items
Font End
(Optional) Most recent downloads box on index and portal
Home page with stats: most downloaded, most viewed, most rated
Many sub-category levels
Users can submit their own downloads (either file or download links)
Users can submit their own downloads
Users can comment downloads
Users can rate downloads
Download authors can upload (through drag and drop) multiple previews for their downloads and can set one as cover.
Users can manage their submissions (edit and delete)
Users can report downloads.
Supports PayPal and NewPoints.
Users can search downloads in all categories or speficic categories.
Users can associate tags with their downloads and filter downloads by tags.

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