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No need to fear, 2FA is here!
Thanks to our lovely developer, you will now have the option to add an extra layer of security to your dbleaker.com account. 2FA (2nd Factor Authentication) is a method where you can protect your account from logins to your account not made by you. You can choose to either authorize from your phone, or the email assigned to your account. Once you've enabled 2FA, dbleaker.com will prompt you to enter in a code whenever an unapproved IP has been used to log into your account.

[Image: e2db03424df25f5de23e5b57d2e40b13.png]

We want you to stay safe. You can get started in enabling 2FA by clicking here. You can also download GAuth from the Chrome Web Store if you're not comfortable with using a phone.

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Thanks for the info Tongue
yep and it's bullshit locked me out my Infinite account fml XD

(10-29-2016, 03:07 PM)Infinite2 Wrote: yep and it's bullshit locked me out my Infinite account fml XD

Baso it doesn't send me shit so I'm fucked sent a email to the admins earlier still locked out I was asking to upgrade to Emerald too ffs XD
That's a great addition, good job!

[Image: 707993sigresize.png]
Also I just want to make it very clear that if you use a shared IP or if you have a Dynamic IP and enable 2FA, you WILL have problems with it and potentially get locked out of your account. Ensure that when using a shared IP or a Dynamic IP that you do not use 2FA.

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