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Official DF Gadget
If you have Windows 7 or 10 then this can be yours!
Windows 10 needs this: Gadgets Revived

I present the official DF gadget!

[Image: 69e549f8cef50d3f3e004e42fd4a8de6.png]

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  • Devil, FluxMods
This will be very useful. Nice share mate!Yus

If you need help with anything or want to ask a question, PM me.
This needs more publicity!
Nice share bud thanks Tongue 
How do you open the gadget on Windows 10 ? What application ??

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(01-09-2016, 08:24 AM)BigDaddyModz Wrote: Nice share bud thanks Tongue 
How do you open the gadget on Windows 10 ? What application ??

I added the page to download the windows sidebar again (it is the native wndows 7 one but has to be installed)
It surprises me how fucking wacky you get with your abilities. Cheers.

[Image: V43QuCP.gif]
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Nice! Keep up the great work Smile

[Image: tumblr_nvmjwnPVwV1u9ev47o1_500.gif]
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Good job, really liking it! You're a good developer! Keeping this forum on track and shit.

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[Image: T3Y2DuL.gif]
Downloaded - This is a sick feature & I hope more like this is to come from our great staff & @HaXzz.
Thanks for this feature.

[Image: a8c1d492c00d84139e912c4ea57b6f85.png]
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Too gud man but i removed my sidebar feature about one and a half year ago. But it still a good gadget to stay updated. Wait sending you something better.
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