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Official Staff Roster
I decided to release this thread with full intentions of updating every time there may be a change to our team or roster in general.

Currently our team consists of 9 different users on the forum all of which have worked their way up from the beginning to where they are now. This thread will provide users with an in-depth explanation as to what they do and what their role stands for.

I will start off with the hierarchy of the forum, the owners.

dbleaker has 3 owners. 

These guys maintains the forums ins and outs making sure everything goes smoothly and everything works in place how it should.

The highest rank on the forum is Adminstrator

[Image: administrator.png]
TrioxX (Admin / Developer / Owner)
TrioxX runs the forum back-end with @HaXzz together they run everything and make sure everything is up to date as well as pushing out new updates as a team. TrioxX is one of the main owners of the forum and has been here since the beginning.

@Rizla (Admin / Community manager / Owner)
Rizla manages the front end of the forum and monitors everything that goes on with Axe. They work together as a team and make sure everything runs smoothly on the front end of the forum managing everything from users to the staff team itself. Any community issues are to be reported to Rizla or Axe. Any higher staff issues are to be reported to Rizla. Moderator issues and anything other community related can be reported to Rizla aswell. Bugs and such if you can't get a hold of TrioxX or @HaXzz can also be reported to Rizla as they will be forwarded asap.

Axe (Admin / Co-Community Manager)
Axe helps to run everything community related with Rizla. Axe is in charge fully of the sectional moderator team as well as maintaining the staff team with Rizla. Together they work on everything community related so any issues can also be reported to Axe. However higher staff issues (Issues with a member of the Admin team) is to be reported directly to Rizla. Most of the things Rizla handle, Axe also takes charge in too.

Forum suggestions can be accepted and denied by any of the Administrators.

The next rank maintains the forum back-end alongside TrioxX.

[Image: developer.png]
@HaXzz is the head developer at dbleaker.com working alongside TrioxX and also assigning projects to Jr.Developer Devil. Together they work as a team to maintain everything backend may it be developing plugins, editing templates or just general maintenance of the forum. @HaXzz is also an administrator and an Owner of dbleaker.com. HaXzz has been with dbleaker.com for a long time and is one of the biggest helps the forum could need. Any back-end issues can be reported to him, TrioxX or Devil and they will discuss and fix it.

[Image: jrdev.png]
Junior Developer works under @HaXzz and is in place to help with smaller projects along with helping out with bigger ones if needed. Our Junior Developer is Devil

[Image: moderator.png]
dbleaker.com has 3 moderators who work around the clock making sure the forums stays clean and everyone abides by the rules to the best of their ability. They are selected by the 2 Administrators @Rizla and Axe

Malcolm (Head-Moderator / General site moderator)
Malcolm leads the team with his months of experience as a staff member for dbleaker.com. Malcolm is a valued member of the team and knows what he is doing when it comes to moderating.

Alex (General site moderator)
Alex is also an experienced and well trained moderator as well as Red. Both work together in a team with Malcolm and the 2 administrators in moderating the forum and keeping things clean. They lead the way and provide an excellent image to users on how to be a respected and valued member of the community.

Red (General site moderator)
Along with Alex red is a valued and respected experienced moderator who is relatively new to the forum team however has showed his abilities extremely well. Working in a team with the other staff they provide safety and overall protection of the forum in various ways.

[Image: sectional.png]

Last but not least is Sectional Moderator. These users provide sectional moderation so our current staff can concentrate on other sections and not worry so much about certain sections. 

SQUID-EYE (Gaming)
SQUID-EYE manages the gaming section, moderating posts in that section.

It's not an easy task becoming a part of the dbleaker staff team. You really have to work hard to get into a position as you can see Axe has worked his way up from being a regular user back in February up to this time now he is an Administrator and co community manager. Also with @Rizla joining in December becoming an owner it is an excellent achievement and it shows you, hard work pays off.

TrioxX and @HaXzz has brought the forum a long way and none of us would be here without their developing skills and teamwork to get things done.

All of the staff work hard and this forum would be nothing without any of the team. 

We hope this thread brings closure to users as to the different positions of the different members of the team. 
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Thank you to all of the staff for keeping this forum clean Smile

[Image: cFUePg.png]
(10-31-2016, 11:32 PM)S o u r c e Wrote: Thank you to all of the staff for keeping this forum clean Smile

Without them the site would be nothing.
Congratulations to everyone, and may this site go on forever!

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Much love to you all.

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-TrioxX @Rizla Anonymous @Mr JSD Design Never-
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The site wouldn't be here today not only without the staff team, but also our valued members here that keep the community up and running. It's a pleasure to serve as a Community Administrator.

Very clean post like it a lot and the staff team is great <3

Never Seen
Never Forgotten
Looks clean and points out the people who to contact if we have problems nice thread.

Making Tutorials Since Day One
Forgetting to comment what you want to see will end up with me blowing my mind up Big Grin 
[Image: umad.gif]

I'm glad to be apart of the team once again, it never gets old talking with you guys in the Staffbox chat, sharing ideas and constantly trying to find ways to improve the website.

My hats off you to @Haxzz and TrioxX.

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Very nice thread, thanks for this information Smile And I agree with people, there would be no site without these people ;P

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