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Pax Verbal Vaporizer
Head over to Plooms support site, they have a live chat (might be the fastest). https://www.paxvapor.com/support 

You will need a serial! I found mine off of Instagram using the hashtags #Pax2, #Pax, #PaxLife 
The product has a 10 year warranty so don't worry about expiration. 

Once you finish talking to representative you'll receive a label and instructions on how to return it back. The pax weighs less than a pound, so boxing it with nothing in there is the easiest option. 

Contact support a few days after it arrives and ask for an update on your device. They'll try and look for it, but it won't be there Tongue
You just made my day lol thank you
They won't ship it out unless they have it. I think this will work with an inexperienced member, but all business are getting smarter and figuring this stuff out.
sweet cheers man bro
Never heard of Pax Verbal Vaporizer, what is it exactly?

[Image: V43QuCP.gif]
(10-03-2016, 05:54 PM)Alex Wrote: Never heard of Pax Verbal Vaporizer, what is it exactly?

Looks like a place/business that sell vape pens.

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