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Poll: Who will win elections?
This poll is closed.
Hillary Clinton
1 33.33%
Donald TRUMP!
2 66.67%
Total 3 vote(s) 100%
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Presidential debate?
Who do you think will win the debate, and become president? I don't pay attention to election but that's fine. :p

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I pick someone who isn't on the list. Trump. Troll

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  • FalseThoughts
(11-02-2016, 01:05 AM)Red Wrote: I pick someone who isn't on the list. Trump. Troll
LOL. I just realized I put in Clump, rip asf.

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I don't know honestly....I mean I think Hilary cause that's what the big boys want:/

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(11-02-2016, 03:21 AM)Winchesterboys Wrote: I don't know honestly....I mean I think Hilary cause that's what the big boys want:/

Lol, same with me, but I simply don't care.

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I'd have to say Donald Trump would probably win.
Hilary is currently in a raging river of conspiracy and criminal acts that have been finally washed down upon her by Wikileaks and people are finally starting to see how corrupted the Clintons really are.

Not to say that Donald Trump doesn't hasn't his shares of wrong, but he's never sold weapons to ISIS or encouraged more war for the sake of money.
Donald Trump is somewhat delusional as well as many of the things he hopes to promote will be stopped by the sectors of smaller government that have to pass it and many hate him so support will be hard.
Hilary Clinton in that same position however has bought and paid off tons of people who have been in those seats for 30 years or more and thanks to her pro-liberal side, they'll all happily jump on whatever she decides because they don't want to appear racist or ignorant.

I personally prefer Trump because take it from someone from Scandinavia, her proposals and pro-left ways will fuck your country beyond repair.
We took in over 80,000 immigrants and now we have 71 "No-Go" zones where the cops will refuse to come to your aid because their presence may stir racial tension for immigrants and people have been known to get raped by those immigrants without retribution.

It sounds like a bad holocaust joke I know, but it's very true and pro-left ways did this to us.
The US may think they're too strong of a country to allow this, but our Hilary in Sheeps clothing came to us 3 years ago with almost the exact agenda and it fucked us and our economy horribly.

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