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Proudest Moment
Let's bring some positivity to the site! What is the proudest moment of your life?

Aside from the day I graduated bootcamp, I'd say the proudest moment of my life is when I stopped a 14 year old girl from committing suicide. She was standing in the middle of a 4-lane highway and was attempting to jump out infront of speeding vehicles. Selflessly, I parked my car after witnessing this act, ran through the busy traffic to get to her, and I ended up talking her through her problems all while speeding cars were passing us by.

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Graduating school, and studied hard.

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Dude, awesome moment
Probably being salutatorian in elementary. I became kinda dumb in high school, lmao. I live from Philippines and I'm 15 years old so you can guess which level I am.

ik, 3fab5u!!
My most proudest moment of my life is when I attended a boxing tournament, it wasn't just an ordinary boxing tournament it was for a championship belt, I ended up winning and it just felt soo good and I felt so proud winning that 3 day tournament Heart

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I beat 10 people in dodgeball by myself.
Pretty intense.
Having the guts to fly away from home alone and attend college. Or getting myself a job and actually having the confidence to do it.
Ahaa no way man, that's awesome. Last year I stopped a 13 year old girl from self-harming/potentially killing herself.
Great to see that there are friendly people out there.
Passed Exam, Conquer Fear

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