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Rules and Etiquette Changes - Help Documents
Hello everyone.

Today I've taken some time to edit the Rules and Etiquette section of the help documents, making it clearer for users to read and I have also updated / changed some of the things previously written, not many written changes but it is important that you read them and make sure you are up to date with everything.


Please do take your time to read over it all and let me know if there is any issues regarding the design of it and or the written content.

Credit goes to Ghost for the previously written help documents.

I will also be updating every other bit of the help documents pages to ensure they are all designed the same way and also with lots of information helping you on everything there is to help on.

Feel free to comment below any questions you have.
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More things have been added. Now members will know what do and not to do as the rules are very clear.

If you need help with anything or want to ask a question, PM me.
TrioxX I'll update everything else tomorrow probably and update this thread.

I hope the users have read or will read it as it contains some vital information.
glad that you added the "Excessive posting of any advertising will result in an automatic ban without warning." ive seen it before on the site before i was a moderator and glad that we are talking more action on that.

if you have any problems PM me by clicking here
This is great! When I reply and make threads I normally tell/ask users to pop over to the rules and read through them at least once a week to catch up on any changes and TOS changes which I either leave a link or hyperlink 'HERE'.
Read through the rules now it outlines all of the rules which are set in a readable and friendly viewing way.
Thanks @Rizla, TrioxX & Ghost.

[Image: a8c1d492c00d84139e912c4ea57b6f85.png]
great changes to the forum thats how we become better Smile

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Glad you enjoy the changes, hopefully I made it more clear for you all.
(12-23-2015, 10:28 PM)Rizla Wrote: Glad you enjoy the changes, hopefully I made it more clear for you all.

You've made it a lot more readable, clear along with friendly to our eyes.
Now we can pick out such rule numbers (section and act) a lot easier.

[Image: a8c1d492c00d84139e912c4ea57b6f85.png]
Lookin' good bro! Nice to see you take the time and edit the RulesTongue

Soon all other sections of the help documents will be edited to make it more readable for all following the same type of design.

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