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[TUT] How to get 'any' Microsoft product. Hassle free
Hey everyone, this is an easy little tutorial for your first (or if you're bored) free item. It's hassle free, you don't need a receipt 1. Open up skype and call this number - 8009365700 2. Say Tech support 3. Say "____" - Insert whatever product you want to SE here. 4. Someone will ask you for your name + number. Tell them your real name (If you want) but make up the number (I always do, they don't care) 5. They will ask about the product. Tell them that it was a gift from a friend, but it does not work. For me, I wanted a Microsoft Lifecam Cinema HD. I told them that the device did not show up after plugging it in in numerous computers. They may or may not ask some other troubleshooting questions. If they do, just work around it to make sure that they know it does not work. 6. S/he will give you a caseID number. Keep a hold of it as she will put you through to another directory. 7. Tell the new person your name + CaseID number. 8. They may ask about the product not working. See step 5. 9. Now they should say that they will replace it. Give them your email address if you haven't already and wait for an email from them. 10. Reply to the email. It should be your information that they need. Make sure it is REAL. Enjoy your free microsoft product. Try not to do this too many times in one sitting as people have been known to get caught. Note: In the case they DO ask you to give them a picture of a receipt or the product. You can either A. Hang up and try again later on. Or B. Forge up a quick receipt.

Enjoy Smile
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nice tut man i mightt just have to do this with some stuff

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Nice TUT buddy Tongue ill use it Tongue

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Nice tut

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Nice tutorial Pal!!!

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nice tut pal i hope to see more from you

I am in no way responsible for what you do with this post. You are responsible for using this.

Good tut bro user it
Nice tutorial. keep it up
looks amazing, thanks i gotta try it some time
You're gonna need to put some spaces here and there but I'll try this out later on. Thanks man.

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