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Thoughts on Reincarnation?
I believe reincarnation is real without knowledge of your previous life. I believe when you die you go to heaven and when you are ready you reincarnate, OR you go to hell for eternity. What are your thoughts?

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You mean the religious context or just as a logical theory?
Maybe. Nobody can know for certain, only those who claim to have died temporarily and have met Jesus or have been to Heaven would know (whether you believe their claims or not is another matter). I find it funny though, mostly because you never hear about someone who temporarily died and went to Hell, so the existence of Hell hasn't actually been confirmed by many claims, if at all. I do believe that some people may have the chance to be re-incarnated, perhaps those people who died before their time or didn't get a chance to life a full long life will have the opportunity to come back again.

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