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Why Trump will be receiving plenty of votes.
He is the only honest politician. You all know that the other politicians are just lying - as per usual. This isn't anything big, as it's coming from politics, but they're just saying what you wish to hear - which will give them your vote.
As said above, Trump is the only honest politician. Although he says some disgusting things about Muslims and Mexicans, which are sometimes quite humorous, he is the only one to admit his opinion. He is the only politician that cares for his country enough to say his opinion, racist or not in front of the world. This is because he is a professional businessman. He is the only one that understands that if he gets his honest opinion out there, people will start to see that he is not hiding behind the other politicians.

I am not American, nor 18 years of age, however even I can realize that all of the other politicians are hiding behind Trump, hoping that the American voters will vote for them. I hope this has changed your view on Trump.

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I still think he is a man of despise. Trump has always been the sort to let money sway his life. He has it and he uses it, for good and bad.

I agree he is honest with his opinions but sometimes full on honesty isn't the best solution. Things will change and he will fall out of the votes.
I am a Bernie Sanders fan.

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It's his hair.

Idc about what he says, his hair just mesmerizes me. It's so luscious flamboyant, and spectacular! I would KILL for a head of hair like that.
I am not claiming Trump is the best. But I think he is stupid enough to do things politicians wouldn't do. I don't really want to put my opinion on this subject that much.

But lies and deceit is what a good country needs, in my opinion. A country in which its leader, who, naturally, should be a charismatic person, can hide stuff from their people, with ease. If one can't do that, it's mayhem.

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lo and behold
One of the biggest downfalls that he has is how childish he is. In many cases he and I agree on subjects but he'll put a twist on it like a massive wall. While I do agree that border security is lacking, it's not feasible to create such a wall. Only other things I disagree with him is climate and the encryption/internet.

I do not know how I have 1k credits lol
lol trump president , merica will rekt itself
I agree with trump with small things, but he abuses the fact that hes a TV persona to treat the political campaign as a place for jokes. I want a president who wont say "Hispanics are criminals" just because 1 of the 100s of thousands[Millions?] of Hispanics/Latinos in the US. Just my 2 Cents.

I dont live in the USA so.. CANT STUMP THE TRUMP. Just think it'd be pretty funny to see him president.

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