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Why are radical atheists usually only anti Christian and pro other religions?
have online friends who are atheists who let it be known. They will post memes all the time with anti-Christian diatribe. But it made me realize, they are all anti-Christian and no other religion. In fact, they are usually very pro Islam and Hindus.

On the latest one I saw it was saying how bad some brutal Christians were in the dark ages hundreds and hundreds of years ago compared to today's 2016 middle east treatment of people are. So instead of just saying how bad some of the human rights are in the middle east due to religion, instead they say how bad Christianity once was instead.

They always seem to "stick up" for any religion except Christianity. That is one thing I have never understood about these atheists, they seem to all be far left evolution loving people, yet they are happy to say how great these non-Christian "Gods" are and the people who worship them. But be a Christian? Oh no, can't have that.

This is just what I have noticed. I am not saying EVERY atheist is this way, but from what I have seen so far it appears to be that way.

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