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Worst Drug Experience
(10-12-2016, 12:55 AM)Riley Wrote: i smoked some laced bud, fucked me up

I remember when this happened lmao, this dude thought everything was dripping and falling and shit haha

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the highest i been was when all i saw was grey and shit and i couldnt walk right and i almost passed out at a park

(10-12-2016, 12:58 AM)Evan Wrote: the highest i been was when all i saw was grey and shit and i couldnt walk right and i almost passed out at a park

Remember this Riley this dude was tripping balls after that shit

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(03-01-2016, 10:37 PM)Axe Wrote: Post below on your worst drug experience. Maybe you got jugged (ripped off), got too high, or anything.

Personally, I bought an 8th of dope, and the guy gave me grass. I found him a few weeks later, and luckily I had my brass knuckles on me so I fucked his shit up. And took the weed he had on him (only a few grams).

My worst experience was my 2nd trip of acid ever and I had a bad trip. I started my trip with a couple buddies, took a picture, laughed and accidentally inhaled my tab so had a prolonged start to my trip, but by the time it started we were making over a dozen pot brownies and ate 4 that day (with about an eight in each - they were the microwaveable brownies), then smoked at least an ounce that day, but anyways..only reason it was so bad was because the trip got fucked up by Dark Souls 3. We tried to play that game on acid and it fucked us. Next thing I know I feel like I literally died, and went to hell. Seconds lasted what felt like hours or even days to me and I thought I was dead and that it would stay that way forever. I felt like that for almost 2 days. I got through day one on a very very foggy memory, and the second day I woke up and everything felt clean and clear. I went outside and felt high on oxygen because it was the first day I was actually sober for 2 days and I thought it was so surreal, and still thought I was high that entire day, it wasn't until the next day I actually came to the conclusion I wasn't high and I was actually sober. I ended up dropping out of college because I couldn't get the idea of hell being that campus out of my head and here I am today, still a regular pothead lmao

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