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Your Best SE?
What is your best SE that you've done?  For me it's probably when I am able to SE information out of a person when working on a dox.
such as isp doxing or ?
i got $0.01 back from when i refunded a pack of gum XD
Being 100% serious i wanted to get like 50 packs of gum for free and they refunded me a penny wtf!

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lmao refunded you a penny wtf

I am in no way responsible for what you do with this post. You are responsible for using this.

i got a Boosted board for free from amazon.

I ordered a blue yeti from amazon and once it arrived, I waited a bit and told them it never arrived.
Kept one of them, sold the other Wink
Well I ratted this pedophile guy three times, because he was trying to hook up with my sister, he was 19 and she was only 12.
I then found out about it and decided to contact him over Skype, acting like I knew him from before, got him to download my RAT, making him think it was a hack for minecraft.
Surprisingly enough, it actually worked.. I got access to all of his accounts, and gave them out to a few friends, I used his PayPal account and bought some games for his Steam account.
Gave that away too, and decided to leave him be after spending a bunch of his money and stuff.

A few months later, he contacted my sister again, so once more.. I decided to mess with him again, this time, I pretended to be a girl and seduced him for a few days (ewhoring helps you out)
I convinced him to download this "game" and play with me, funny enough, he actually did it, such a moron.. But oh well, got all of his accounts once more, funny thing is, still got access to some of it..
After taking all his stuff again, I decided to give most of it out, and then left him be, once more.

Then recently, I discovered he had actually filed a police report on me, saying that he got hacked and what not, lost all his accounts. (Still got access to his iCloud, he had taken a picture of the report)
I had come across a method to spoof your number and so I did, called him pretending to work for the police, claiming to be the person put in charge of the case with finding the hacker.
Talked to him on the phone for a good 20 or so minutes, explaining a bunch of stuff, and having him tell me what happened, was difficult not to burst out laughing, but I held it quite nicely.
At least he believed me, fully and well, I then told him that we had this premium and amazing antivirus software, that I'd give him, and I'd mail him the antivirus as well as a serial key for it.
So he gave me his email, so I decided to once more.. Send him a RAT, and as stupid as he is, he downloaded it, without hesitation and well.. RIP..

Funny thing is, when I was pretending to be the girl, he did talk to me about being hacked, as I asked into it.
He was bragging about how he is so great with computers, and now he has set it all up so he can't get hacked anymore. (He does actually study IT, computers and such, so I don't know why he's so stupid) 
Yet he fell for the same shit, three times.. Just through different methods. Well, at least that ought to teach him not to mess with my sister. 

Some of the stuff I got from him: 
Twitch, a bunch of emails, Paypal, Snapchat, Kik, iCloud, a few League of Legends accounts, two Steam accounts, Skype, Spotify, Netflix.
Two minecraft accounts, access to his school login, facebook, some random forums, mainly minecraft related, and some random logins for some random danish websites.

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(01-15-2016, 04:18 AM)Anonymous Wrote: I won't go into much detail, but I got around $48,000 in mid-2015 until I was caught.

Turned a new leaf, I'm mostly white-hat now.

Holy shit man did it take a lot of SE skill to do this?  The best I can do is get some free stuff from razer & amazon or have someone do my homework.

I do not know how I have 1k credits lol
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(01-16-2016, 03:42 AM)Mortal Wrote: The best I can do is get some free stuff from razer & amazon or have someone do my homework.

Hahaha! Yes. Homework. I could convince a few kids in my class always to complete my assignments.

Jokes apart, done a bit of Fitbit, and gift cards through e-whoring.

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