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whats The First Illegal thing you did?
threatened to shoot up a place back in 2008
illegal downloading like everyone else but i mean is it really illegal?

stealing $100 from my teacher

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Probably downloading some song off Limewire in less than radio quality haha
That I can remember of, smoking cigarettes and pot underage.

LF Friends to play pc games with. I have: BF3, BF4, Watch Dogs, & GTA IV.

I have a few more games, but none that are multiplayer.
I think I stole some candy or some shit when I was 13
My mom would let me walk into stores with her and she would watch me take these stupid "I <3 Boobies" bracelets and Silly Bands.

I Also stole crazy amounts of candy from my local 7/11 down the street.

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Either it was theft or vandalism.
Hacked wifi and i was like i am the biggest hacker in the world hahah lmao
Shoplifted a bunch of red bulls lmao Big Grin
I stole collections card from the supermarket

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