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In this section of the help documents you will learn all about user registration and how to create an account. It is important you read through these if you are unsure about user registration.

Basic User Registration

In this section you will learn about basic user registration and how to do it

  • Firstly you will have to click on the "Register" button at the top of our forum page.

  • Secondly you will be asked to accept our registration terms. It is important that you read these terms and accept them before you move onto the registration process.

  • After reading and accepting our registration terms you will be brought to the page to complete your registration, to do so you must fill all of the blank boxes with your information you wish to have on the forum. Please note that your username is what is displayed all over the forum so pick one you wish to use as your alias. Please try refrain from using your real name if you wish to remain hiddden.

  • Once completing the registration form you will be asked to confirm your email so it is important you use a real email so you can log in and confirm it. Your email is not displayed on the forum.

    Basic information

    After confirming your account email you will now be able to use our forum freely as a user. There is many different perks to being a registered user on the forum.

  • As a registered user you can post in any of our sections that allow for your rank to post in. You may need to upgrade to post in certain sections.

  • You can also post threads in most of our forum sections as a registered user.

  • As a registered user you are freely able to do what you wish on the forum, with some limitations due to not being an upgraded member. You can upgrade to gain full access to the whole website.