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Updating Profile


In this section you will learn all about profile editing and how to set up a profile to your standards.

Guide to setting up your profile

  • Firstly you will need to navigate to your UserCP.

  • Secondly you will have to scroll down to the middle of the page until you see "You profile" on the left hand side of the screen. In here you can select and edit all of those sections.

  • Edit Profile

    Under here you can edit all sorts of different areas of your profile.

  • You may edit your email address and change it.

  • You can also set up additional information such as your location or your bio and even change your sex.

  • You also have the option to change the additional contact information by adding in all sorts of ways for users to contact you.

  • You can edit the usertitle only after you have upgraded to the "Diamond" rank we have on offer on our forums.

  • You can also set your status to "Away" with a reason to let users know you are away.
  • Please note this information is displayed on your public profile. Be careful with what information you provide.

    Change username

    Under this section you can change your username however you must be upgraded to "Diamond" before doing so.

  • Before changing your username you must provide your account password.

  • Once you have provided your password you may change your username, however be aware that you may only change your username once every 30 days. All username changes are logged on your profile.

  • Changing password

    In this area of the forum you may change your password.

  • If you wish to change your password you must firstly provide your current account password. If you have forgotten it, then reset it manually through email.

  • When creating a new password be sure to keep it safe and secure and protected well by making it full of different characters and numbers.

  • Change Email

    In this section you may also change your account email. You also have the option to do this under "Edit Profile".

  • In order to change your email you must provide your current account password.

  • When changing your email please be sure to use an email you own incase you forget your password or it is needed for some sort of verification. Only the usergroup "Admins" have access to your email provided.

  • Update Avatar

    In this area you can change / upload your own avatar on the forum to show display yourself better.

  • You can change your avatar by uploading one yourself. Avatars can only be 140 x 140 maximum in dimensions along wiht a size of 250KB.

  • You can also use an avatar from the internet by providing a URL in the option on the page.
  • Please note that avatars should not be annoying and if animated should not be an eye sore to other users.

    Update Signature

    In here you can update your forum signature which is shown everywhere.

  • You can add an image or text to your signature. It is optional.

  • Signatures must not be huge and annoying to other users.

  • Edit Options

    Inside here you can update and change all of your personal options.

  • Under Privacy you may hide your online status from the who's online list.

  • In Messaging and Notifications you can update everything such as receiving emails from administrators and also hiding your email from other users. You can also select or unselect whether or not to receive PM's from other users and to receive PM notifications.

  • You may also update the date and time options to suit your needs.

  • In the other sections you can update the following,

    Thread options which allow you to select how many threads you van view per page and also the default thread view.

    You can also edit the thread viewing options, which includes what you see on threads.

  • Under the "Other Options" box you may edit forum options such as changing the forum theme.